TrimParts   Competitor's
  Part # A2450 – 1965 Chevrolet Impala Tail Light Lens
At TrimParts we use the correct color plastics for every lens we make. Notice the correct brighter color red on our tail light lens compared to the darker red on the competitor’s lens. We research with General Motors on every part to ensure our products are to original factory specifications.
  Part # A1020 – 1955 Chevrolet Tail Light Lens
There is no detail that ever goes unnoticed at TrimParts. Look at how the split-line in the reflector on TrimParts’ lens is correctly vertical and the competitor’s is horizontal. This is because we use GM licensed molds to ensure every GM product is to correct specifications.
  Part # 5233 – 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Front Emblem
Here at TrimParts we use only the highest quality paints. See how TrimParts’ flag has a correct flat finish where as the competitor’s flag has an unoriginal glossy finish. At TrimParts we use the original color codes to mix the correct paint color and finish for an original factory look.
  Part # 3001 – 1962-1967 Chevrolet X-Body Sill Plate
Even the smallest details are never overlooked. Look at the carriage on TrimParts’ sill plate tag. See how much sharper and detailed it is compared to the competitor’s tag which has incorrect bolder lines and is not as detailed. TrimParts uses the correct rivets which are hand riveted on just as original. Lastly, look at the correct texture in the grooves on TrimParts’ sill plate. The competitor’s sill plate is incorrect and does not have the texture in the grooves.
  Part # 2073 – 1959-1967 Chevrolet Impala Interior Door Handle
Along with high quality, TrimParts is all about manufacturing products that have an original fit and finish. Notice the different finishes on the two interior door handles. The top surface of TrimParts’ door handle has a correct smooth finish without any texture. The competitor’s part has a brushed textured surface. Even though the “service parts” also had the same brushed texture, originally they came from the factory with a smooth un-textured finish just like TrimParts.
  Part # 1450 – 1957 Chevrolet Fuel Injection Front Fender Emblem
TrimParts has the highest quality reproduction parts available. Take a look at these two flags. See how smooth and highly polished the edges are on TrimParts’ part compared to the rough sharp edges of the competitor’s part. Every part from TrimParts is hand inspected to ensure only the finest parts are shipped to you.